HedgeLion About Us Who Are We? Here at HedgeLion we specialise in all things hair, and firmly believe that high quality supplies shouldn’t come at the price of our wildlife. In our store you will find products created to the highest possible standards, with the smallest impact to traditional products resulting in more sustainable as well as outstanding hairdressing. Beginning by selling Mizutani scissors, renowned for their innovative and creative spirit, as well as their high quality and design, we aim to grow and expand into the hair products market, selling unique and inspiring items that can create beautiful looks, with a promise to maintain our natural roots. Why HedgeLion? At HedgeLion we believe in protecting and valuing out wildlife and became inspired to create a brand that reflected this. Combining the hedgehog, to value our promise to protecting traditional products for years to come, with the mighty lion, a statement of our dedication to finding new innovative and exciting products by breathing life back into the old, HedgeLion the brand was born. Mizutani Range – Be Creative Our Mizutani range features some of the highest quality Japanese handmade scissors available. Nearly 100 years of craftsmanship has evolved to create some of the most precise, ergonomic and beautiful hairdressing tools that work with the stylists to create true art. Our ever expanding range currently features a dozen pairs of scissors, each created by hand and individually sculpted, tested and pieced together with the affection of highly trained designers. Only this amount of dedication and pride within design can generate such excellence, which is why Mizutani Scissors are favoured my top stylists including those who have worked with L’oreal, Vidal Sassoon, Paul Mitchell and more.  

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  1. Aaron Guthrie says:

    I left a reply a little while back with a small complaint about the filling of an order. Today I received the package that was sent to me after the complaint was made. I would just like to say thank you for the great customer service. You all have a customer for life.

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