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AJ’s Elixirs – Beard Wax

AJ's Elixirs - Elk Grove, California


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Product Description

This is the next stage of a healthy beard care routine. While AJ’s Elixirs Beard Oil provides itch-control, hydration and softening, our 100% natural and organic Beard Wax steps it up a notch. Deep conditioning, styling, stray-control and holding ability are layered into this blend. Strategically selected, certified organic ingredients set this golden elixir apart from the rest. The ratios in which they are blended take it to the next level. AJ’s Elixirs Beard Wax is functional across all ranges of beard growth – from short to long. It provides a deep conditioning treatment and hold without a heavy, waxy feel. Our formula absorbs into the hairs while providing the ability to shape for a dapper look.

Start with a little…it goes a long way, and you can always add more! Scrape out a small dime size amount of AJ’s Beard Wax with the back of your thumbnail and rub briskly into the palms of hands. Rubbing hands together will warm up the Beard Wax, quickly melting it. Apply to your beard, by rubbing it through from the roots to tips of the hair. You can also apply by rubbing onto the surface in the direction of hair growth for shaping. Brush, comb and style with confidence, and a light to medium hold!

Scent Profiles:

Forest Mint – The name says it all! A beneficial blend of 5 essential oils. Clean and fresh peppermint dries down to a complex warm and masculine woodsy finish.

Mother lode – This is one you’re glad you discovered. An inviting and warm sweet citrus scent. This beneficial blend of 6 essential oils has a very slight earthy undertone.

Tahoe Gold – The sought-after nugget! This massive blend of 9 skin and hair benefiting essential oils is a clean and uplifting scent – a slight floral citrus, yet masculine spice.

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Unscented, Forest MInt, Mother Lode, Tahoe Gold

All Organic Ingredients

Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Jojoba Oil
Argan Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Avocado Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Essential Oil Blend


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