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Bukowski Original Bombshell Pomade

Bukowski Original Pomade Co. - Peoria, Arizona


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  • Medium Hold
  • Add High Shine
  • Men’s : Fresh Cut Tobacco and Bayleaf Scent
  • Wemen’s : The Sleeping Bombshell Scent
  • Hand Made
  • Small Batches Of 25 Each / Month
  • Made in Peoria, Arizona
  • 4.0 oz

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★The men’s does have a slight sweet smell due to the Bayleaf in it, and the sleeping bombshell is way more floral.


Product Description

Bukowski Bombshell is a medium small batch pomade and comes in both a men’s and women’s formula. The men’s formula is a refreshing scent of tobacco and bay leaf with a ruby red tint. The women’s formula scent we call sleeping bombshell is a fresh feminine scent with rose tones in is pink in color. Bombshell is made in small batches of 25 ea per month. Please send a note for what formula you would like men’s or women’s. Thanks for helping keep old traditions alive color may bleed on light colors when wiping off hands.

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Castor Jelly
Soy/Micro Wax Blend
Virgin Argan Oil
Virgin Avocado Oil
Unrefined Shea Butter and Lanolin with Scented Oil


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