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Atomic Pomade Co. brings you… Johnny Jr. Hair Pomade and Little Lady Hair Dressing!! These two are our natural pomades created specifically for kids. They don’t have any harsh chemicals in them like most kids’ hair products do. So they are not hard on their hair, but rather beneficial due to the nourishing oils and moisturizing ingredients we use. The boy’s one comes in banana or toasted marshmallow scents, and the girl’s one has a sweet strawberry scent. The pomades come packaged in 2oz cans with screw on lid, that way the youngsters can’t easily get into them when you aren’t looking and get pomade all over! I learned this lesson when my son got into a can of our Silver Dollar Pomade and spread it all over his hair and hands hahahahaha. Kids sure do the darnedest things sometimes. Be sure to help your young man or little lady with the pomade and styling their hair until they are old enough to do it themselves. If they are old enough, go ahead and supervise them anyway. You might be able to lend a helping hand or offer some advice or tips on styling their hair. Plus, it gives you some time to bond with them, as well as something you can do together and share an interest in. As we all know, childhood is fleeting and we have to take advantage of and savor every moment we can get with our children before they grow up. So pick some pomade up for your “Johnny Jr.” or “Little Lady” and get them looking their best! And always remember to duck and cover kids!

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