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Moguard – Protector of beer foam

Here to protect a man's mustache & beard while drinking!


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  • What is Moguard?

The Moguard is placed on your glass protecting your ‘stache from foam and liquid when you drink.

  • Will the Moguard help protect my ‘Stache?

Hell yes!

  • What time of glass does fit on?

The Moguard is made of flexible food grade silicon and can fit almost any glass.


Product Description

The Moguard is made of a flexible food grade silicon that enables it to easily slip right onto drinking glasses. The design of the Moguard saves the stache by restricting the top layer contents from flowing onto the upper lip…thus, keeping that stache of yours as glorious as ever!

Tell Me Mo’…

Problem:  Every man with a mustache and beard knows that if you drink a beer with foam or take big sip fast you will end up with a foamy and drippy mustache.  Men with ‘staches are forced to drink in a trepidatious manner unbecoming of a man who loves beer, lest they end up with the unpleasant drippy foamy stowaway.  We know that men do not grow beards and mustaches only to maintain them like a baby who needs to be cleaned after each feeding.

Product/Solution:  The Moguard is a cup attachment that protects a man’s mustache from the treachery of beer foam.  The Moguard works for veteran mustachians and the novice who is new to the mustache game and may not know how to properly manage the ‘stache properly.  Besides the obvious novelty gloriousness, the concept stems from a common feature in the 19th century European cups that had mustache guards built into the cup.  The Moguard takes this concept to a new level with its ability to fit a variety of cup sizes, portability, and brandable nature.

Additional information




The MoGuard’s design and the fact that it is made of a very flexible silicone material enables it to fit onto all drinking cups.


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