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O’douds Original Hold Pomade

O'douds All Natural - Texas


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  • Medium-Heavy Hold
  • Bay Rum Scent
  • Leaves hair soft and healthy
  • Washes out easily (relatively)
  • 4 oz

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Product Description

Proudly brewed in Houston, TX from 100% All Natural Ingredients.

Our pomade is a non-water-based alternative to many modern gels and styling products. It is created to not only make you look good but to help your hair stay soft and healthy as well. Some of the natural ingredients will remain in your hair after washing it, providing some hold and moisture even on days that you do not apply any pomade.

Medium-Heavy Hold
Bay Rum Scent

Leaves hair soft and healthy.
Washes out easily (relatively).

*Why a Petroleum Substitute?*
• Good for you – Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of crude oil refinement, which means it is unnatural. Further, it is not healthy for your skin or hair: though it is said to be “hydrating,” it actually just coats surfaces, not truly nourishing them.
• Good for the earth – Because petroleum jelly comes from oil refinement, its source is nonrenewable and not sustainable. We don’t want to source our ingredients from an unsustainable industry that harms the earth.

*Why Essential Oils?*
• Natural, pure ingredients – Essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in plants. Synthetic fragrances are manufactured scents created from various chemicals (current laws do not require full disclosure of ingredients and preservatives) that may be harmful, such as phthalates.
• Allergies – Many people have allergies to synthetic fragrances. Products scented with essential oils are safe for them (unless, of course, they are allergic to the plant from which the essential oil is extracted).


Castor Oil
Soy Wax
Candelilla Wax
Jojoba Oil
Essential Oils


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