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Sodapomp Mauntain Dew

Sodapomp Mountain Dew

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Sodapomp is the type of pomade that brings you back to your youth. Complete with a refreshing craft soda scent, it reminds you of the days you spent as a kid in the soda pop and candy shop. It is the perfect medium pomade infused with natural oils to help condition your hair and scalp. It comes in 9 different scents/flavors, so you can pick your favorite craft soda scent for your pomade. Crack open a can of Sodapomp and take yourself back to a bygone era.

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1 review for Sodapomp Mauntain Dew

  1. 5 out of 5

    I cannot speak highly enough of this product. First off I absolutely love the tin and that old school “feel” it has. Once you crack this bad boy open, WHOA! Look out you’re instantly smacked in the face with a delicious citrus/lemon scent. The scooping takes minimal effort and breaking it down is a breeze. Applying it to the hair was quick and easy, coats the hair perfectly. My only complaint, why isn’t this consumable lol? Seriously the biggest problem I have is frequently smelling my palms. The hold is great too it holds nicely even in the heat and restyling is simple also. This is probably my favorite product to use and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a great scent and hold.