Steel Toe Pomade


Steel Toe Pomade is a gentleman’s hairdressing made by hand from an original recipe. It is mixed and created by hand, poured into each individual can by hand, and labeled by hand. It currently only comes in one hold, but more products are on the way. With a hold a bit heavier than Murray’s, it is great for pompadours, slick backs, jelly rolls, and just about everything in between. At the same time it is very manageable and combs through with ease. As with any pomade, it may take a couple washes to get out completely. Steel Toe contains Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil, making it very healthy for your hair and is best to leave in so it conditions your hair. Steel Toe has a unique fragrance similar to a bold bay rum, with that nice tea tree scent mixed in. Look, feel, and smell your best with Steel Toe Pomade.

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