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Third & Co. – Styling Cream

Third & Co. - Canada


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4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


  • Medium Hold
  • Low Shine
  • Scent :

Coffeecake & Spice / Maple Sugar

Vanilla / Sandalwood

Vanilla / Green Tea / White Pear

  • Hand Made
  • Made In Canada
  • 3oz / 90m

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Product Description

If you are a fan of oil base pomade but not necessarily a fan of the washing out process this might be the product for you. Many of the same ingredients as our Classic Pomade are found in the Styling Cream so similar holds and styles can be achieved. The major difference however is the fact that this product is in fact a water based product which makes for a much easier to use product. For most hair types a single shampoo and conditioning is all it takes to wash all the product out, much more user friendly than some classic oil based pomades. Our Styling Cream scoops out of the jar easily like a thick cream or lotion, but as you break it down between your palms you will start to notice the waxy nature of the product. Application and styling of the hair are easy for most hair types, and the product is nice and light in the hair. Unlike many mens hair styling products this one is full of healthy oils and Vitamin E leaving your hair feeling healthy after use, not dried out. Being a Canadian company we went with a scent that reminded us of standing in line at a local Tim Hortons and created this Spiced Coffee Cake & Maple Sugar blend. Please, don’t eat your styling product.

If you are familiar with the Pomade culture you may call products of this nature “Unorthodox Waterbased Pomades” in comparison to the “Orthodox” Gel Type pomades out there.

Additional information


Spiced Coffeecake/Maple Sugar, Vanilla/Sandalwood, Vanilla/Green Tea/White Pear


Distilled Water

Emulsifying Wax


Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Castor Wax

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Avocado Oil

Fragrance/Essential Oil

Vitamin E

Liquid Germall Plus


2 reviews for Third & Co. – Styling Cream

  1. 5 out of 5

    My hair profile:
    I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb (detangler). During styling, I use brushes most.

    Some info on ‘less occurring’ ingredients:

    Castor wax: also known as hydrogenated castor oil.
    Liquid germal plus: a preservative protecting against unhealthy molds and bacteria because this pomade has water in it.
    Micas: natural minerals to give the cream its color.

    Description from Third & co: coffee cake & Spice, maple sugar. Sounds special and yes, it’s a real novelty scent. For my noise: sweet, some tones of something cinnamonish, spiced bisquit alike. When I first smelt it, I thought: oh my God, this is so strong, so sweet, bit overpowering but also special. I dislike strong scents and this is rather strong in the jar. I smelled it during styling and afterwards. But when the day passed, it grew on me and I started to like it more and more. Scent lingers all day, fades a bit but still present in a not overwhelming way.

    Application process – result:
    Although containing preservatives, I clean and dry my hands before I dive in, remove hairs after use to keep the product clean. Looking into the jar: you’ll see a light purple color. On the website, it is greyish. I suppose the color depends on the micas? Instructions on the jar: application on towel dry hair. I did so and tried the second day on more wet hair (my favorite way): no problem at all. The cream has a soft top layer that scoops very easy. Breaking down went easy plus quick, it becomes a bit waxy, thick cream. No wax beads. No greasy or real sticky feel. No separation water-pomade. Went in very easy, no tug at all. You get some streaks: these disappear by mixing and combing. Spreads easily. Gave a strong grip. I’m a heavy hold pomade user and took 4 average scoops to style, to be sure of a satisfactory hold. Even though this is a medium, the cream gave me a solid feel of: it won’t let me down and … it did not! Most mediums permit my waves in the front to come through on the first day. Instead I was delighted with nice straightened waves! The cream tamed my cowlicks and sides very well. No splits, no strays, no flyaways. Obtained a neat, slick hairdo with a good height. After initial styling, my hair didn’t move anymore. This pomade settles agreeable. Residue washes off of the hands with some soap without issues.

    Labeled as a low shine. In my opinion, a solid notch above neutral. Shine did not fade.

    Hold – endurance:
    Medium hold. For me, a solid medium with a good control. It got a good test: did some chores, was sweating, had a good walk with temperatures around 80. Some minor touch up and done. My front didn’t wave, no cowlicks or sides got out of place, no strays. Overall: a good endurance, happy with it. Feels light, clean and soft in the hair. No greasy, sticky feel to discern.

    No problem. No resistance. The same solid medium hold after restyling.

    Build up:
    Clean and great build up that improved styling and endurance even more.

    Washing out:
    1-2 washes depending on your hair type. Hair has a soft, conditioned feel afterwards.

    Hair, scalp issues:


    I would recommand the pomade because:

    * Handmade pomade.
    * Bunch of good natural ingredients to condition hair/scalp.
    * Easy to style with.
    * Solid medium hold.
    * Clean pomade.
    * Great endurance, improves even more with build up.

  2. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    For me, the styling cream is on the light side of medium. I wanted to try this product because of its ingredients and scent, and let me tell you the scent is awesome. very light and natural in my hair. The jar I received was filled to the brim A+