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Aj’s Elixirs – Beard Oil

AJ's Elixirs - Elk Grove, California


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Product Description

This is Stage 1 in a healthy beard care routine. Strategically selected, natural and certified organic oils set this golden elixir apart from the rest. The ratios in which they are blended take it to the next level. AJ’s Elixirs Beard Oil is functional across all ranges of beard growth – from short to long. It is excellent at helping with the dreaded new-growth itch, and excels at keeping long-term growth moisturized, manageable, and healthy.

You wouldn’t buy a sports car to let it just sit on your driveway. Why buy a beard oil that will just sit on that luxurious beard? Our oil will deliver a healthy depth of color and natural looking sheen, without looking like you have a wet glistening beard, drenched in oil. AJ’s oil was developed to be functional. In your hands, you’ll notice a light weight, non-greasy feel to the oil. In your beard, you’ll notice the oil absorbs quickly and goes to work hydrating and softening your hair.

This oil is so effective, a little bit goes into everything we make!

Directions for Use:
We recommend applying 3-6 drops in the palm of one hand, more for a larger beard. Start with a little, you can always add more. You’ll get the hang of it in a few applications! Rub your hands briskly together for an even distribution of oil, then apply by rubbing into your beard. Other beard oils use heavy, greasy formulas that just sit on the hair without absorbing. As a result, they are used only at night to avoid the wet, messy gloss during the day. Our oil is light, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly. It is meant to be used during the day, after you shower, to replenish the oils stripped during cleansing. Apply again at night for overnight hydration to replace moisture lost to the day’s environment.


Scent Profiles:


Forest Mint – The name says it all! A beneficial blend of 5 essential oils. Clean and fresh peppermint dries down to a complex warm and masculine woodsy finish.


Mother lode – This is one you’re glad you discovered. An inviting and warm sweet citrus scent. This beneficial blend of 6 essential oils has a very slight earthy undertone.


Tahoe Gold – The sought-after nugget! This massive blend of 9 skin and hair benefiting essential oils is a clean and uplifting scent – a slight floral citrus, yet masculine spice.

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Unscented, Forest Mint, Mother Lode, Tahoe Gold


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