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Flagship Pomade Co.’s All-Natural, Vegan Pomade – Medium Hold

Flagship Pomade Co. - Little Rock, Arkansas


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  • Medium Hold
  • Medium Shine
  • Scent :
  1. Cedarwood Blend
  2. Coffee Bergamot
  3. Apple Pie Moonshine
  • Hand Made
  • Made In Little Rock, Arkansas
  • 4.0 oz

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Product Description

We have finally reached what we had set out to achieve when we first started brewing pomade: an all natural, vegan alternative to the many hair products that are out there. Our product is petroleum free, and uses only the finest natural waxes and oils.

When breaking through the top layer of wax, you will notice a little resistance; the wax that gives this pomade it’s stiffness and hold is very brittle. Once this layer has been broken though, you will find a smooth, creamy consistency. More waxy than oily, this product provides a medium shine. It will also gain more strength each day of build up using this.

Application: For best results, break into the pomade using the back of your fingernail. After this, the fingertip should be sufficient to scoop out the necessary amount of pomade. Apply generously until the product in hair meets your personal standard and style!

This product works well as a leave in conditioner. It will take 2-3 washes with shampoo to remove from the hair.

Medium Hold
Medium Shine

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Cedarwood Blend, Coffee Bergamot, Apple Pie Moonshine


Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Jojoba Oil
Castor Oil
Candelilla Wax
Babassu Oil
Essential Oils

1 review for Flagship Pomade Co.’s All-Natural, Vegan Pomade – Medium Hold

  1. 5 out of 5

    I purchased the Apple Pie Moonshine version of this pomade and instantly fell for the smell. Definitely goes great with the changing seasons. A little push to get past the top layer then you are into a very nice pomade. This breaks down in your hands like butter and is super easy to apply. I can wear it all day and not ever have to restyle.