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Third & Co. – Classic Pomade

Third & Co. - Canada


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  • Medium Hold
  • Medium Shine
  • Vanilla & Sandalwood
  • Hand Made
  • Made In Canada
  • 3oz / 90ml

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Product Description

Our version of a true classic men’s grooming product, Pomade. Third & Co Classic Pomade is a throwback to the old days, when pomade was just some petroleum jelly, wax and fragrance. Staying true to the rest of our products however, we did add in some healthy oils and Vitamin E to help keep your hair healthy. A firm, waxy product, this pomade requires a little pressure to scoop from the jar. This might be even more true at the top layer, but if you are familiar with oil based pomades you were expecting this. A little friction from rubbing together between your palms however and the product becomes a nice oily consistency making application easy. A medium hold with medium shine product this pomade will work for both slick styles and pompadours etc. The added oils in our Classic Pomade make washing out a little easier than the true classics don’t worry, for most hair types it takes 1-2 shampoo & conditioner treatments to get it all out. But simply rinse with conditioner in the shower and enjoy a nice, clean feeling build up to make styling the next day even easier. The scent on this one is one of our favourites. Its a very nice Vanilla & Sandalwood combination that lasts all day without being overpowering. We believe every man should have at least one Classic Pomade in their collection, so go ahead, add one to your order today.




Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Avocado Oil

Castor Wax

Fragrance Oil

Vitamin E


1 review for Third & Co. – Classic Pomade

  1. 5 out of 5

    My hair profile:
    I’ve medium thick, wavy hair. I wear a side part with a contour. At the moment, I’m using a brush with wild boar hair, a Denman brush plus a wide tooth comb (detangler). During styling, I use brushes most.

    Looking at the ingredients list, you notice a bunch of good stuff for hair and scalp: nourishing oils and vitamin E.

    Some info on ‘less occurring’ ingredients:

    Castor wax: also known as hydrogenated castor oil.
    Micas: natural minerals to give the pomade its grey color.

    Vanilla and sandalwood. Smells sweet, I capture the vanilla the most. I like the scent, for it isn’t dominant. Noticed a few breezes during the day. People sensitive to strong scents, this is a good option.

    Application process – result:
    The product inside is grey. The top layer requires a bit of pressure and then it comes right out of the jar, in a ‘caterpillar’ shape. Rubbing between the hands goes easy without any tension. You get a bit waxy, oily consistency with a shiny finish. Goes in very easy without any resistance, spreads evenly very easy. No real strong grip but because of the waxes, a steady one. Combs through without issues, no tug at all. I applied it to damp hair and 4 scoops were what I used. Maybe 3 suffice but I’m a heavy hold user and this is a medium, actually more of a solid medium to me. Keeps away my waves, my cowlicks and sides stay in place, no annoying strays or splits. Styling with the classic pomade is agreeable and easy! My hair didn’t move anymore the moments after I styled. Gives a nice height, nice comb lines, slick and neat hairdo.

    On the jar: medium shine. In my hair also. Sheen doesn’t leave the hair throughout the day.

    Hold – endurance:
    A medium hold is mentioned on the jar labels. For me, this is a solid medium. It got a good test in temperatures around 100 (was mostly in the shade), was sweating a lot, did a few short trips per bike, there was some wind. Did some strenuous chores inside. Hair did sag a bit, tiny waving, a few strays, no splits. My cowlicks and sides stayed down. Good endurance! The pomade is a light weight. Has a good control. Hair feels soft. No sticky or greasy sensation. I’m satisfied!

    No problem, no tugging. Keeps a good hold.

    Build up:
    Clean. A few licks extra the next days and off you go.

    Washing out:
    Contains oils helping to rinse out the pomade (the petrolatum mostly) easier. 2-3 washes depending on your hair type. Hair is soft and conditioned afterwards due to the nourishing ingredients.

    I made an inventory of degreasing methods that can help you: https://piw74.com/2016/07/12/an-inventory-of-degreasing-methods/

    Hair, scalp issues:


    I would recommand the pomade because:
    * Handmade.
    * Mostly natural components.
    * Several oils to condition hair/scalp.
    * Easy plus slick styling.
    * Good medium hold.
    * Good endurance.